Jay Gatsby and the American Dream

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Jay Gatsby and the American Dream The Great Gatsby is a very famous novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald that goes back to the 1920’s. The book is narrated by a man who actually witnessed the events and took part in these events, and his name is Nick Carraway. Through his narration, we learn about a man whose real man is James Gatz, but he goes by the name Jay Gatsby. He continuously calls people “old sport.” (Fitzgerald, 161) He lives in a mansion on West Egg near where Nick lives. He was raised on a farm with a poor family in North Dakota. This makes us wonder how he rose to having such fortune. Well he did do it illegally, as in this time period; it was one way people made money if they could not do it any other way. As his life progressed, he became interested in other women; we find out later that he really loved Daisy Buchanan for a while. Daisy is a sweet beautiful young lady that Tom married when Jay was looking to get an education. He would throw parties all the time to achieve one ultimate goal and that was to get Daisy to fall in love with him, and achieving his version of the American Dream with Daisy is a goal that Jay wanted to achieve but there were a couple of obstacles in the way. Gatsby’s small goal in order to achieve his ultimate goal was to become wealthy, and he did with bad intentions. When Tom had already been married to Daisy, it increased the determination of Jay to get her. It does not make a lot of sense, but this is what he wanted to do in order to
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