Jay Gatsby 's American Dream

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Lauren Sizemore
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Dr. Peterman
October 15, 2014
Research Paper Draft #3 Jay Gatsby’s American Dream Ever since its publication in April 1925, F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel “The Great Gatsby” has become one of the most criticized, cited, and analytical pieces of fiction in American literature history. It is a great representation of an era known as the Jazz Age when anything and everything was possible, or at least that is what people thought. Fitzgerald provides the reader with an insight of the internal mindsets of the characters, which justifies their actions and behaviors instead of simply just describing their historical, social, and economic conditions. The overall cause for the majority of this novel is based on one vast idea, an idea that everyone attempted to do during this time period. This idea is the ubiquitous notion of the American Dream. “Critics from several different generations have noted how Fitzgerald used his conflicts to explore the origins and fate of the American dream and the related idea of the nation. The contradictions he experienced and put into fiction heighten the implications of the dream for individual lives: the promise and possibilities, violations and corruptions of those ideals of nationhood and personality “dreamed into being,” as Ralph Ellison phrased it, “out of the chaos and darkness of the feudal past”” (Callahan). One of the main characters, Jay Gatsby, is created to magnify Fitzgerald’s personal feelings and beliefs about…
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