Jay-Z, “Reasonable Doubt” vs. Eminem, “the Slim Shady Lp

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Critical Reading and Writing CM101 Revised Midterm Compare and Contrast Paper LaMar Burgess Jay-Z, “Reasonable Doubt” vs. Eminem, “The Slim Shady LP” Hip-hop is a unique art form because since its early origins, it has operated as an extension and expression of the civil rights movement. Hip-hop is an artistic movement as well as a political one. Hip-hop places African-American voices at the forefront and provides commentary on the urban, black experience, shining light on issues of poverty, crime as well as justice. Over time, however, hip hop has lost its change agent credence, in part because it has emerged as arguably the most popular music art form among today’s youth. However, the most serious hip-hop critics look both to…show more content…
However Eminem is hip-hop, he’s a rapper and he is an extremely talented artist. Jay-Z’s audience was definitely hip-hop, traditional hip-hop fans and artist alike. He had more of an adult fan base in 1996. At this point in his career Jay-Z is less of a cross-over / international artist than Eminem. He has yet to establish the pop culture following that he has today. When it comes to Hip-hop culture “Reasonable Doubt” is an album with very serious lyrical content. The album showcases the talent, the seriousness, the ambition, the lifestyle and the struggle of the young black male: A street hustler from Marcy Projects turned successful entrepreneur. The album would have more relevance, a bigger impact, and more influence on Hip-hop culture than “The Slim Shady LP,” an album from a white kid from a trailer park turned mega superstar, that showcases his undeniable talent, but a negative overall message, and an exaggerated persona. Jay-Z’s “Reasonable Doubt” lyrical content possesses the cockiness of B.I.G and the takes it to the next level. On a lyrical level he possesses a prowess for crime tale-ology, humorous punch lines, and a soulful demeanor. With lines like (“When it comes to this cheese y’all like three blind mice.”) Just for basic for basic rap relate- ability. However Jay-Z’s flow is all his own, and is hard to compare to any other MC. Each line fits together perfectly into ace verses and much more often than in 90s rap “Reasonable

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