Jazmin's Influenced My Life

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Have you ever felt like there was only one person out there would understands you? Gets you when you're down? Understands what you’re going through when you’re upset? Who inspires you in life? There’s probably a million of people out there who inspire you in life i’m sure of it. Well, Jazmin Yaudes inspires me a lot of different ways in my life. She figures out how to help me no matter how hard the situation is. Jazmin is 17 years old, and was born and raised in Marshall, MI. Jazmin’s birthday is on January 31st and every year I get her something blue, because it’s her favorite color and it makes her extremely happy. My sister inspires me, because she’s a fighter and a believer. She’s an important part of my life, and means the world to me. Jazmin is very powerful. I’ve always have been close with my sister she’s one of a kind. Jazmin try’s her hardest in everything. When she lost her memory she only thought about the huge things in her life, so she used a famous quote by Babe Ruth “Never let the fear of striking out, Keep you from playing the game.” I’ve used this quote so many times, and I think it inspires a lot of people, because it’s heartwarming and touching for everyone…show more content…
No matter if your really bad or really good she’s helping you.
Jazmin always encourages people no matter what she’s helping everybody she possibly can. Jazmin is extremely helpful with everything she inspires so many people with everything they do. If you’re down about something she will encourage you to get back up and try again. Jazmin is super nice it’s not even real. She is helpful in everything possible. She will always help anyone she can and she is an amazing person to have around. Jazmin has inspired me so much just by showing me what she does in life. I have learned so much from her. She taught me you give respect you get respect i’ve learned so much from this one person. Who inspires you in everything you do and shows you what you need to do in life to achieve your goals in your life?? Jazmin is a achiever and a goal maker and is the one person know I can look up to for everything and anything in my life. She tells me she knows I will make it as a singer in the future and possibly an actress to. She always tells my to try no matter how difficult something is to try without hesitation just do it. Jazmins and extremely talented role model for anyone to look up to. She is an amazing
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