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Anthony Zermeno
Music 114
Christopher Madsen
UIC Jazz Workshop Paper
On November 17, 2015, I attended a Jazz concert at the UIC Recital Hall featuring Chris Madison and the UIC Jazz Ensemble. The instruments that were played that night include; trumpet, which were played by Giovanni Garcia and Gustavo Espino, the trombone that was played by Thomas Graf, the saxophone, which were played by Robert Bugos, Mitzi Ochoa-Sanchez, Nicholas Buitrago, Mariah Phillips, Drew Sansom, Aaron Newsome- Brownlee, Ashanti Gayden, Alex Rivera, and Alec Cohen, the clarinet was also played by Ashanti Gayden, and the flute was played Laura Erickson. In the rhythm section there were drums that were played by Frank Glassman and Alex Tellez, the bass that was played
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To the front were all the other musicians positioned in three rows. The audience filled with a wide range of unique individuals. There were very old gentlemen and ladies, and then there were college students and middle-aged individuals. The audience seemed to have an unexpected attitude before the concert, as some students appeared to be unable to show proper respect for the hall and what was about to happen. Obviously, the musical style was of the Jazz variety, but what was interesting is that the music was something more like jazz-fusion. Jazz-fusion incorporates different genres of music in it, from smooth R&B to alternative rock. The compositions played were not just simply the traditional jazz we are accustomed to, for example in class we would listen to music that was more smooth and tracks that wouldn’t have such a loud drum in it. Rather, these compositions are more complex. For example, the song Blue Pepper from Far East Suite was a song that had more of rock mix to it. I felt that by incorporating not just traditional jazz, but more of the modern jazz, it added to the ensemble and made it much more entertaining and better. During the Performance there were something’s that…show more content…
Although Billy was openly gay in the 1940’s he was still known as one of the best at what he did. Billy Strayhorn’s right arm was Duke Ellington. Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington was the most prolific composer of the twentieth century in terms of both number of compositions and variety of forms. His development was one of the most spectacular in the history of music, underscored by more than fifty years of sustained achievement as an artist and an entertainer. He is considered by many to be America's greatest composer, bandleader, and recording artist. The extent of Ellington's innovations helped to redefine the various forms in which he worked. He created many of the elements of American music — the minstrel song, ragtime, Tin Pan Alley tunes, the blues, and American appropriations of the European music tradition — into a consistent style with which, though technically complex, has directness and simplicity of expression largely absent from the purported art music of the twentieth century. Ellington's first great achievements came in the three-minute song form, and he later wrote music for all kinds of settings: the ballroom,

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