Jazz the Roaring Twenties Essay

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I. Introduction a. A testament to the United States' unprecedented prosperity in the Roaring Twenties, jazz's growing popularity sparked a grave controversy, with many viewing the appeal of jazz as either an annoyance or a threat. b. Should the testament to the United States’ prosperity in the Roaring Twenties about jazz’s growing popularity be viewed as an annoyance or threat? c. Jazz’s growing popularity in the United States in a time known as the Roaring Twenties, was a dramatic turning point in the American life. The growing of this musical industry meant jazz would be thrived in adversity and come to symbolize a certain kind of American freedom, and would be called upon to lift the spirits and raise the morale of a…show more content…
Not all whom listened to the music, will agree. The statement whereas jazz was a “moral disaster” to young girls is inaccurate because teenagers will choose to do whatever they want if it is morally wrong as a result of growing up and experiencing life. Regardless of what kind of music is playing, young teens will go as they please. As for the origins issue, people need to stop believing everything they hear. That issue was developed by a music critic of the New York Herald Tribune. How can everyone be so sure what that critic is saying is entirely true? III. Conclusion d. Both arguments of this catastrophic impact that jazz has had on all American people are very strong. Unfortunately, one side being stronger than the other. Opponents that opposed this argument had some valid points. Their strongest being- a moral disaster on young women. When they say young girls and guys have been spiraling out of their bodie’s sexual or emotional control, they are correct. The love of the genre might be pulling all types of different people together, that including of boys and girls. A girl and a boy find that they both have the same interest in jazz music, so they might get to know each other and so on. But, is that argument really an entire convincing explanation as to jazz being an annoyance or threat to the American people? This time period being the Great Depression, people struggle
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