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Innovative Sustainable Store Design Proposal 1. Introduction In today’s dynamic and competitive world many retailers have initiated to develop their stores as a brand, therefore creativity and sustainability can be important organizational resource and a desirable approach to differentiate from other competitors. The ―store as brand‖ and retail branding is emerging as one of the most important strategic initiatives in the modern retail industry specially in United States and Europe (Carpenter et al, 2005, pp.43-53). Better customers experience has become center of attention for the retailers, which have made retailers to focus on the store design and improving the retail environment. Consumers’ perceptions of store image and shopping…show more content…
Retailers should spend a great deal of time and money on store environments to create images that offer them a competitive advantage in a crowded marketplace (Joyce & Lambert, 1996 , pp.24-33). Thus, store needs to improve in this area so that it can give better environment and experience to the customers in order to differentiate from the competitors. As per Kerfoot et al (2003, pp.14352) as furniture being a part of visual merchandising, an attractive furniture has positive affect on customer’s psychology or behavior, which ultimately leads to purchase. By evaluating the Retail Branding and Innovation Page 2 Innovative Sustainable Store Design Proposal present situation and the possible sustainable options, an innovative store design is developed by designing display shelves, fixtures and the store interior made up of stainless steel, glass and using sustainably grown solid wood or plywood covered all surfaces and edges with laminates or seal them with low emitting paint or varnish to reduce emissions of VOC, which are more attractive and sustainable then present wooden furniture. To give an idea how store interior will look a picture is placed in the appendix-A/VI (Pg.16). Sustainability features are given in appendix-A/II (Pg.12). 2.1.3 Experience Zone The proposed store design plan includes ―experience zones,‖ which are models of rooms (family room, home
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