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Online Marketing Plan for Doe Furniture Doe Furniture is a new business venture that will be located in State. The business wants to focus on building custom heirloom quality furniture however; there is a current customer base that also knows Doe Furniture for its custom kitchen and kitchen refinishing. The focus of the online presence is building custom furniture without ignoring the current customer base that is previously purchased custom kitchen cabinetry. Viability Doe Furniture does not currently have a website but it is looking to create one to drive business to its brick and mortar location. Having an online presence for a brick and mortar store would allow Doe Furniture to have an online portfolio to showcase their…show more content…
Most of the competitors offer custom furniture in specific styles or with limited choices. Doe Furniture needs to emphasize the custom nature of their work. They can offer to build specific pieces to order based on a picture a customer brings in, on the size and design of a room, or a customer may suggest the functionality needed for a piece and a piece will be designed for them. Doe Furniture’s greatest asset is their ability to custom design pieces to fit rooms or function, like storage or display, while assuring customers of the quality of workmanship. The company’s online presence needs to maximize this asset. In order to generate new customers for the business and reach the high end market using social media sites like LinkedIn, Doe Furniture can reach Interior Designers who can then offer their customers custom designed pieces as part of their work. Facebook and Twitter can also be used to reach these designers as well as connect with friends and acquaintances of previous and current customers. Doe Furniture must make sure that its logo and icon are prominent and cohesive in all aspects of its online presence to create brand recognition and awareness. When a customer has been on the webpage and then searches for Doe Furniture on Facebook or Twitter it should be easy to locate based on the recognition of the Doe Furniture logo. Doe Furniture can

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