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Executive Summary Client: JCPenney Target audience: Females age 25-34 Challenge: Develop a $100 million proposal for a national, fullyintegrated marketing campaign to run February 2012 to February 2013, designed to increase market share among females 25-34 years old. With this campaign PARA will not only increase shopping frequency and grow share of wallet among current female customers ages 25-34, but will compel women to choose JCPenney for every first impression. Through PARA’s research, critical analysis and understanding of the company, market, target audience and media, PARA has created a fully-integrated marketing campaign that will guarantee new female JCPenney shoppers age 25-34 as well as re-create loyalty among female…show more content…
Exclusive social networking and company/customer relations through direct custom marketing and web interactions Increase in Internet shopping, easier/cheaper to buy and sell clothes Continuing to define their relationship with their consumers Use of their name recognition as a re-branding plus 14% over the course of the past fifteen years $156 Billion Projected online retail sales in late 2010 according to a report by Forrester Characteristics of JCPenney that may give it a slight disadvantage over its major competitors in its market Weaknesses Competition has greatly increased between JCPenney and its competitors: Kohl’s Corporation, and Macy’s Incorporated. United States economic downturn, consumer spending also drastically declined Because JCPenney’s wide variety of products, it faces stiff competition from a large variety of companies & must target more specific demographics Lack of establishment as a suitable company in terms of technologically advances lifestyles and ever changing lifestyles of consumers and brand momentum. Lack of consumer confidence in brand value, style and quality. Problem What exactly is the issue that JCPenney faces and how will JCPenney overcome this obstacle? “JCPenney must become more approachable, fun and

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