Jcpenny's Target Women

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Have you ever looked at the advertisements you watch on tv and think to yourself about how those women look so much better in clothes and they look so different on you? Retailers only appeal to a small fraction of the United States when they could be appealing to a way bigger and wider variety of people. Everyday women struggle with the way clothing fits. Not all clothing fits every single body that tries the apparel on. According to the average American woman is 5’4” and weighs 140 pounds and the average American model is 5’11” and weighs 117 pounds. Every year magazine companies spend billions of dollars on diet and exercise advertisements to put in their magazines. Women averagely see and hear around 400-600 advertisements per…show more content…
Appealing to all shapes and sizes would bring more money in for companies and boost self-confidence and positive body images. One thing that lacks in clothing today is the ability to look good on larger bodies. Large conventions have been held by retailers Jcpenny's and Eloquii to voice concerns over the clothing industry and to get peoples voices out in order to supply the desire of the clothing needs. Since Jcpenny's isn’t able to hear the voices of millions they rely on online feedback and conventions like these for people to voice of the people. Therefore retailers need to consider using a broader range of models that better represent America's "average women" because then this could likely increase positive female body image as a…show more content…
A recent market research survey online done by retailer Mod Cloth says that 77% of plus sized women feel as if it is very difficult to find well-fitting clothing anymore and 81% say that sizing is inconsistent across brands. With this survey being done not only does it show that sizing really is inconsistent but it’s the majority of women that feel this way. Women should feel good in what they wear no matter what it may be. Suggesting that retailers get a better view of the other side of the demographics when it comes to the average sizes in
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