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JD Ham Professor Katherine Johnston CSE/ISE 300 Literature Review April 18, 2017 Cloud Computing The focus of cloud computing is providing with scalable and a cheap on-demand computing infrastructure with a good quality of service levels. The process of the cloud computing involves a set of network enabled services that can be accessed in a simple and general way. Cloud computing provides with a unique value proposition for any organization to outsource their information and communication technology infrastructure. Moreover, the concept itself provides with a value proposition for an organization as using the cloud saves on cost, resources, and staff, and business opportunities for the organization (Katzan). An extensive connectivity of…show more content…
However, research focusing on the adoption of cloud computing technology and its impact on business operation is limited. This trend may be explained by cloud computing being a relatively new field. Available research on the structures, processes, security measures surrounding the cloud services are still at an early stage. The impact of cloud computing on enterprises in the world today Cloud computing has changed the Information Technology by introducing a new concept and platform of enterprise system. The traditional enterprise system is characterized as clunky, expensive, and complex for most organization to implement and use. Nevertheless, cloud computing enterprise system offers with a competitive advantage. The advantage offered lies in the cloud ES offering flexibility, scalability, and independence in IT infrastructure and capabilities. Cloud computing holds great potential for the business world and has many advantages and challenges. Cloud enterprise system offers with an attractive option to businesses in solving problems associated with high investment in Information Technology infrastructure and Information Technology resources (Fortiş, Munteanu and Negru). Today cloud computing is considered as the fifth utility after water, electricity, gas, and telephone. The aim is making cloud services readily available on demand like all other utility

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