Jd Sports and Oxfam Analysis Essay

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CONTENT’S Heading’s Page P3. Outline the rationale of the strategic aims and objectives of two contrasting organisation? 1. Introduction 3 2. Background of JD sports 3 3. Aims/Objectives for JD Sports 3/4 4. Strategies for JD Sports 4/5 5. Background for Oxfam 5 6. Aims/Objectives for Oxfam 6 7. Strategies for Oxfam 6/7 M1 Explain the points of view from different stakeholders seeking to influence the strategic aims and objectives of your two contrasting organisation? 8. Oxfam…show more content…
To reach their aims and objectives, JD Sports follow strategies that they believe that can help them achieve more goals. These followings are the strategies that are used by JD Sports: Profit maximisation: Profit maximisation is one of the most significant strategies used by a business. JD Sports is an organisation which depends on achieving high level of profit in a long term basis since it can clearly reflect that they are maximising their profit. JD Sports organisation established the output levels and the prices of their products for the reason that it returns the greatest profit. The total revenue of a profit is equivalent to revenue minus cost and the marginal revenue. Marginal revenue cost is a type of method which is based on total profit in a competitive market where it reaches its maximum point where the marginal revenue is equal to the marginal cost. The reason why JD Sports will aim to maximise their profit is to retain their business and their status. Keeping ahead of Competition: Being ahead of other competitors is another strategy that JD Sports enclose to become more successful. A business keeping ahead of the competition can evidently show customers that this particular business offers excellent products as well as providing outstanding service to reach customer needs. To keep ahead of competition JD Sports employ large amount of staffs due to the fact that all customers get the attention from the business and get the exact performance of

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