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Under a staggering development of economy, many people immigrate to foreign country, such as USA, UK and Australia. Therefore, they promote development of economic of these countries, as well as bringing to negative effects. In this essay, I will discuss that how influence the economic of developed countries. For example, population of America will be twice in this century. Especially, the number of children increased sharply. So that need as twice as houses, cars, roads, prison, hospitals, schools water treatment facilities and so on. Therefore American needs more nature resource than before.

Firstly, immigration helps late Twentieth Century Massachusetts economy in America. More specifically, during in 1970s, as population of
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A lot of low-skilled labors put high pressure on the wages of native born Americans. These low wage workers cost the American taxpayer in terms of social services. For example education is free for their children and they can obtain welfare such as free medical treatment, but low worker rarely pay taxes. (2006)

In summary, I would concede that immigration exist negative effects. Despite that, I think that the positive influence of the immigration is more than its disadvantage. For instance, the economy of American mainly is based on high technology, because the most outstanding people who come from different countries make a great contribution on high technology. Moreover low skill immigration also makes contributions on cleaning, cooking, and waiter services. They buy food, clothes, house, which also promote the development of the economy.

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