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Toy Company | To: | John Stanton, Chief Executive Officer | From: | Christine Van Winkle, Elementary Division Manager | CC: | | Date: | 3/18/2013 | Re: | Initial Response to Constructive Discharge Claim #1- 2013; Claimant AA23 | Comments: | Per your request to investigate and recommend Toy Company’s position regarding Claim #1-2013; this report was generated. The initial research has been finalized and recommendations determined. I will refer to the claim by its number #1-2013 and the claimant as AA23 to keep the confidentiality of the claimant. First this report will provide a summary of the claim and the history associated with it. Second it will discuss the definition of Constructive Discharge and its relevance to this…show more content…
This act was setup to address discrimination of protected classes (e.g. African Americans, Asian, Americans, Latinos, Native Americans, and women). The part of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 that applies to employment decisions; mandates that employment decisions not be based on race, color, religion, sex, or national origin (Gmoez-Mejia & Cardy, 2013).” Discrimination is about the making of distinctions; in the context of human resources, it is about the making of distinctions among people. There are two type of discrimination. Disparate treatment is when an employee is treated differently because of his protected status. Adverse impact is when the same standard is applied across the board; however it impacts a protected class more (Gmoez-Mejia & Cardy, 2013).In the case of #1-2013 adverse impact could apply to the shift changes that were implemented in January 2013. As the shift changes applied to all production employees. This could be construed as unintentional discrimination. However we haven’t had any other complaints to date.The company must reasonably accommodate religious beliefs or practices; unless it creates undue hardship (e.g. costly, compromises workplace safety, decreases workplace efficiency, infringes on the rights of other employees, or requires other employees to do more than their share of potentially hazardous or burdensome work). There are several ways

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