Jealous vs Envy

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Envious vs. Jealous At first glance the average person might think that the words envious and jealous can be used interchangeably, because they are synonyms, but if you stop and analyze these two words you will find that they are not all that interchangeable. When it comes to deciding what words are kept in a language and what words are eventually replaced by more efficient words, a linguist knows that a language can only stand to keep words that communicate something and that are efficient in that communication process. Due to the fact that a language only keeps words that are need to communicate something that is unique to that word I believe that the English language would not keep envious and jealous if the two words…show more content…
Example five: “All Dantes’s success has earned him some jealous enemies. The purser of his ship, Danglars, eants to become the captain of the Pharaon; Fernand Mondego is in love with Dantes’s fiancée; his neighbor Caderousse is simply envious that Dantes is so much luckier in life than he has been.” (Dumas 637) In this example both jealous and envious are used. I will analyze envious first and then I will analyze jealous. In this example when the author uses the word envious they are describing Caderousse desire to have the luck that Dantes has. Luck is an intangible thing and I don’t think that there is any resement at the fact that Dantes has so much luck. With the example of jealous Dantes’s enemies, which are a rival, are resentful of the success that Dantes has had. Example six: “Miss Bingley saw, or suspected, enough to be jealous; and her great anxiety for the recovery of her dear friend Jane received some assistance from her desire of getting rid of Elizabeth.” (Austen 52) In this example you can see that Miss Bingley is jealous of someone else who is a rival. I think that there is also resentment in this example because when the author uses the word “suspected” it makes it seem as if Miss Bingley might be bitter about the thing she is jealous of. I think that the jealousy is directed towards another woman that Miss Bingley feel is a rival of her’s. Example seven: “He patted me on the head; but somehow, I
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