Jealousy, By William Shakespeare

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One of the most powerful and prominent themes that is explored in all three of my chosen texts is jealousy, It is presented in many different ways ranging from sexual and romantic jealousy to professional jealousy of someone of a higher rank or social standing. In every example jealousy is portrayed as being the main cause of self destruction of the characters it afflicts. Othello is driven to madness by his jealousy and this culminates in the murder of his wife, Ferdinand loses his sanity and murders his sister because of his intense jealousy over her lover and his desire to possess her body. Finally, hopeless stalker Jed Parry turns suicidal when his desires and love toward Joe are not reciprocated and he becomes increasingly jealous of Joe’s girlfriend Clarissa. All three writers explore the effects of jealousy and its potentially fatal consequences which I destroy the characters afflicted by this emotion. Webster, Shakespeare and McEwan suggests that jealousy always leads to self-destruction and I will be analysing the causes of jealousy as well as the adverse effects it has on the characters experiencing it.
Throughout my chosen texts, there are many different causes of jealousy which affect characters in different ways. Sexual jealousy is the most prevalent type as it affects numerous characters across the texts. The way in which it is presented is by the gradual progression with the breakdown of the character. In Othello the eponymous character is convinced that his
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