Jean Anyon 's Social Class And The Hidden Curriculum Of Work

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Jean Anyon’s “Social Class and the Hidden Curriculum of Work” What does social class mean? Social class means a division of a society based on social and economic status. Now, what does hidden curriculum mean? Hidden Curriculum means a side effect of education, such as norms, values and beliefs in the classroom. Accordingly, Jean Anyon’s, author of “Social Class and the Hidden Curriculum of Work” claims that each and every social class has it’s own very different way of teaching in schools. Anyon states a plethora of strengths and weaknesses in this article. She believes that all children have been taught to learn, comprehend, and behavior in plenty of different ways due to the social class’s they have been thrown into. Anyon examined each social class which have been named The Working Class, The Middle Class, The Affluent Professional Class, and lastly The Executive Elite Class. An educational perspective came well from her work view point and based off it - I have thrown in my own opinion by agreeing with her during this essay. In my K-12 years, school began very straight-forward to me. My teachers always explained a lesson or assignment for about thirty minutes, then handed out our classwork/homework. The days I did not understand an assignment held my nightmares. It looked like the whole class understood the lesson, but myself. I never enjoyed getting up and asking the teacher for help, but I do believe if I was able to get a better explanations from those teachers of
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