Jean Baptiste de Lamarck and Charles Darwin were Historical Evolutionary Scientists

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Jean Baptiste de Lamarck and Charles Darwin were two of the most notable evolutionary scientists in history. While Lamarck was known for his theory of inheritance by acquired characteristics, Darwin was also respectfully known for his theory of evolution by natural selection. While they did share some similar beliefs, they also disagreed on important aspects of evolution as well. The parallels and dissimilarities between the two theories can be highlighted by looking at the Trichobatrachus robustas, better known as the horror/hairy frog.
The horror frog is native to the West coast area of Central Africa and belongs to the family Arthroleptidae. This frogs remarkable ability other than to grow hair on its body is to break the bones on their hind feet and to thrust a sharp claw through their skin. The claw is settled inside a mass of connective tissue. A chunk of collagen forms a bond between the claw's sharp point and a small piece of bone at the tip of the frog's toe, (NewScientist, 2008). David Blackburn of Harvard’s Museum of Comparative Zoology says that claws are not coated in keratin, like all other known claws in the vertebrae world, (Science Blogs, 2008). When the frog is threatened, they flex a muscle that connects to the lower half of the claw. This severs the connection to a nodule and pulls the claw downward. The claw which is made of reinforced and thickened bone, pierces the frog’s own skin and through the skin of the toe, (National Geographic, 2008). David
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