Jean Baudrillard : An Influential Thinker

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In 2007, Jean Baudrillard was published in a Canadian Newspaper, La Presse. Jean Baudrillard (1929-2007), French sociologist and philosopher, is one of the most influential postmodern thinkers, known for his scathing critic on consumerism or late capitalism, which he prophesied. In 1970, he published The Consumer Society, which he shed light on the subject and object of consumption, around which contemporary societies are organized. A few years later, he published Simulacra and Simulation, and implemented the hyper reality, by which objects are to be false and hidden from the truth. Baudrillard, an early admirer of McLuhan, expands his research and analysis on McLuhan’s idea that the ‘the medium is the message’ - distancing and separating from the Marxism. By “ the medium is the message”, McLuhans describes that the ‘real message that the radio and television deliver…is not in the images that it transmits but rather the new mode of perception that it imposes on traditional group and family structure’ (Baudrillard 1983:187). In other words, it is, in fact, through the medium which a message shaped the perception of people, and not vice-versa. McLuhans warned us about the new medium effects, which it is often something unheard of in the early 18th century, since the medium, itself, influences society. Therefore, media and its medium mediate our experience without us noticing it, and Baudrillard alarms us about it. However, we must first differentiate the definition of
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