Jean Has A Friend Of Mine

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Jean has been a friend of mine that I met in August 1996 when we met in high school. She was a grade younger than me, but had a January birthday so we were only 7 months apart. We became friends quickly despite our different personality traits. I was quite yet outgoing and Jean was lively and animated. People wondered how we could be so opposite, yet great friends. Our friendship continued to grow and we became best friends. Throughout the years we talked about her relationships and my relationships. We trusted each other with private issues that we would not tell anyone else. Our communication was very open, honest and transparent. As Jean was entering college at a different university than me, she struggled with her father falling ill and sadly passing away. This was an extremely hard time for Jean to finish her undergraduate degree, but Jean pressed on to its completion. Jean was born and raised in a two parent home. She watched her parents deal with common marital arguments and issues. Jean has a sister who is 5 years older than her, that grew up in her household. Jean also has a half-sister that is 10 years older than her, from her father’s previous relationship before her parents married. Her half-sister lived out of state and was not in contact with Jean until she grew older. The stress of a blended family added weight on top of typical marital stress. In addition to the typical marital stress, Jean’s father worked many hours and decompressed at home
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