Jean Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert Motier

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Marquis de Lafayette At age nineteen, Marie Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert Motier, commonly known as Marquis de Lafayette, abandoned his high social class in France and became a major General in the United States continental army. Lafayette had developed a strong relationship with George Washington, creating a friendship that would last a lifetime. He undeniably was a key component in securing the victory of the American Revolution. Marquis de Lafayette was one of the most successful leaders during the American Revolutionary War. Not long after coming to America, Lafayette was commissioned a Major General in the Continental Army and began a close relationship with George Washington. His loyalty to Washington was a factor that helped him quickly climb the ranks. Even after the war, Lafayette referred to Washington as his “adopted father,” and even named his first son after him (Purcell, “Lafayette’s Tour”). George Washington greatly valued Lafayette’s devotion and continued to move him up the ranks. Lafayette brought a huge support to General Washington and lifted some of the weight off of his shoulders. Marquis de Lafayette “brought personal and political devotion, eagerness and ability in the performance of military duties, and the assurance that the American rebels were not alone in their cause” (“Marquis de Lafayette Encyclopedia of World Biography”). Lafayette was an incredible help to achieving America’s independence. The beginning of Lafayette

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