Jean Kitching: A 57-Year-Old Divorcee Life

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Jean Kitching, a 57-year-old divorcee lifestyle has dramatically changed as retirement looms on the horizon. She came to the Pollard Group for Financial Planning. She is willing to work until age 70 to plan for a comfortable retirement. She desires to move south from Philadelphia after retirement. The group team reviewed and organized her financial records. They noticed she had no emergency fund, living with health insurance, no will for estate planning, no 401(k) or IRA accounts, and that auto insurance was a concern of Jean’s. Although Jean as an approximate net worth is $121,293; she still owes $28,759 mortgage and a $27,273 home equity loan, as well as other debts such as $4,611 personal loan, and $1,760 owed to a friend. She shared
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