Jean Know Where The Gods Fly Essay

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Jean Know – „Where the Gods Fly“
“Being the new one”, haven’t we all tried that before? Being the new kid in school, or being the new employee at work. Then, imagine being new in a completely different country, where you have to start from zero. Making new friends, creating a network, learning a new language and also a whole new culture, is all very challenging and overwhelming factors, when moving to a new place.

This is actually the situation in Jean Know’s short story “Where the Gods Fly”, where a little family of three people emigrates from China to the USA, to create a new life by working and raising their daughter in school. In this short story, we hear about a mothers concern about, seeing her daughter being encapsulated in the
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This is resulting in a scholarship for Pearl, so she doesn’t have to stay home alone all day, but is this really what Pearls mom want her daughter to do? Actually not, the only reason she does this is to avoid, that her daughter will visit her American friends, because her mom doesn’t understand the Americans. This is a huge problem for her, because on the one side she wants to raise her daughter well and create a good life for her, but on the other side she is not willing to adapt the American culture, and this is what creates her problem.

A huge contrast in this story is the contrast between the two cultures of China and America, where Pearl is trying to adapt the Western culture to make a new life and get accepted by her American friends, her mother tries to maintain her roots from growing up in China, and she is not willing to adapt the Western culture. In the story she talks about Pearls audition to the ballet school or scholarship, and here appears an obvious contrast of the two cultures, when Pearls mom says “We don’t belong here, I wanted to say, what do we simple Chinese know of these inhuman people with their impassive faces and elegant shoulders?”.
Another contrast in the story is between the old
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