Jean Luc Picard as a Leader Essay

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Jean Luc Picard as a Leader

If the cause is just and honorable they are prepared to give their lives--Jean Luc Picard

The cares for lives, continuation of other's future, and the hope of a more successful generation are rarely the thoughts of anyone. Most individuals are self-centered, careless of others, and seek personal benefit. Although these unfortunate qualities make up the majority of the society that we live in, there are few individuals that make up what we call good leaders. Someone who has a thorough, objective, and complete view of a situation are a good leader. A good leader is also a person who considers and cares for other people's well being. Along with these qualities, a leader never allows any emotion or fears
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We elect him to handle many situations and crisis that are affecting or can affect our country. For these situations of crisis, the president's clarity of thought is always necessary. Clarity of thought is not only needed for himself, but mainly for the well being of all men, women and children of the US. His concerns are not only for the present situation, but for the future of all the generations to come. So as a leader, the president has much to consider, for It is upon his shoulders that the well being of millions of lives are at stake.

In like manner, Jean Luc Picard is a good leader. From the very beginning of "The Defector," the episode starts to reveal Picard's attributes as a good leader. The episode begins with a scene taken from Shakespeare's masterpiece, Henry V. In this scene there are two soldiers who are awaiting the eve of battle when King Henry V(Data)comes disguised as a commoner to speak to the two soldiers. ("Defector" 1990. episode38) As the scene goes on, we find out that Picard, from a distance, is overseeing Data play the role. Picard is there to help Data understand the concept of human condition. Picard is the means by which Data can be taught from. The setting gives the implication that Picard can relate to the King. (Lynch 1995) King Henry at that time was a highly regarded man leading his people into battle. Likewise, Picard is highly regarded as a Captain of a group of
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