Jean M. Twenge 's Generation Me

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Jean M. Twenge was born in 1971, in United State of America and She lives in San Diego, California. Jean M. Twenge, Ph.D., is a professor of Psychology and The majority of Twenge 's psychological research focuses on how culture shapes each generation 's personality, attitudes, and behavior. Jean M. Twenge, her first book Generation Me, concludes with ways this generation and their elders can understand each other and work to overcome generational obstacles.Twenge gives, awareness the Boomers those who looking for solution about their self-esteem.Twenge, describes the self-esteem and the generation gap between the boomers and the Millennials. Twenge said, "If Boomers were making their way in the uncharted world of the self, GenMe has printed step-by-step direction from Yahoo! Maps and most of the time we don 't even need them, since the culture of the self is our hometown" (490).Twenge says that the boomers struggle with their self to get the self- respect, self-focus and the self-esteem while the GenMe has high levels of self-esteem and is related to the narcissism category. Twenge said, "Generation Me is the first generation raised to believe that everyone should have high self-esteem" (494). She describes that Generation Me is impacted by the media, magazines and television talk show; all these sources emphasize that high self-esteem is important for children. And encourages feelings of excessive self-importance."Many young people also
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