Jean Marc Bosm Football Player For Belgian League Team

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The Bosman Ruling
The ease and freedom with which clubs transfer players between one another today would not have been possible without the Bosman Ruling.
Jean-Marc Bosman was a football player for Belgian leagues team R.F.C de Liege, where he had a contract until June 30th, 1990. When R.F.C. de Liege offered Bosman a new contract with a 75 percent salary reduction, Bosman declined the offer and was automatically placed on the transfer list for the club. A second division team in France, USL Dunkerque, expressed interest in signing the player and both teams negotiated the transfer. USL Dunkerque agreed to pay 1,200,000 Belgian Francs for the first season and 4,800,000 Belgian Francs if they ended up acquiring the player after the end of the season. However, the transfer was not completed as the Belgian National Football Association had doubts concerning USL Dunkerque’s ability to pay the transfer fee. Following those events, R.F.C. Liege decided to suspend Bosman from the club and from playing in any other club. (Lee, 1995)
Bosman decided to take legal action against his club before the Tribunal de Premiere Instance, also known as the Belgian Court of Justice. The judged ordered the club and the Belgian league to pay Bosman a month in advance and issued a “restraining order prohibiting R.F.C. Liege and the Belgian League from interfering with his search for employment, and referred a question to the European Court of Justice on the compatibility of the transfer system with…

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