Jean Paul Marat: Target and Martyr of Liberty Essay

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Jean Paul Marat: Target and Martyr of Liberty

The French Revolution produced countless influential politicians throughout its tumultuous course. As a political figure in the French Revolution, Jean Paul Marat began as a nonentity and became a martyr to the revolutionary patriots of France. His influence is often misconstrued, and sometimes overlooked. Although he was not a political leader like Robespierre, his influence was substantial in that he motivated many people through his writings and powerful personality. Through his involvement with the Cordeliers’ Club and his journal Ami du peuple, started September 1789, Marat was able to express the indignation of the bourgeois class through his hopes for social revolution. His
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Jean Paul Marat’s early personal life had an effect on his later political career. Born in Boudry, Neuchatel on 24 May 1743 to a family of mixed race, Jean Paul Marat had a passionate and tenacious temperament that would serve him throughout his professional life. Marat always fought for his principles, and this exceptional determination was apparent even from his childhood. Although he was bold and passionate, he exuded coolness and confidence when under fire- a trait that helped him in his political career when he was being denounced in front of the entire National Convention. An educated man fascinated in the natural world, Marat’s first career was as a scientist and physician. His education opened him up to radical thoughts and ideas, as he held great admiration for Enlightenment philosophers such as Rousseau. His dedication to the scientific profession lasted until the French Revolution, when he was accidentally thrust into politics. The political climate was changing, and the people were growing impatient with the declining economy and oppressive monarchical rule of Louis XVI. The nature of Marat’s liberal thoughts and political leanings introduced him to politics as a writer who would later become a politician of national importance. Jean Paul Marat’s political beliefs were radicalized during the French Revolution, but he was not a republican from the very start. Marat’s political ideals were similar to other revolutionaries because

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