Jean Paul Sartre : The Philosophy Of Existentialism

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Jean Paul Sartre is a philosopher that supports the philosophy of existentialism. Existentialism is a twentieth century philosophy that denies any crucial human nature and embraces that each of us produces our own essence through our free actions. Existentialists like Sartre believe there isn’t a God that determines people’s nature. So, existentialists believe that humans have no purpose or nature except the ones that they create for themselves. We are free and responsible for what we are and our engagements; even though we are mindful that this can cause agony.
Sartre is one of the constructors of the philosophy of existence that is existentialism. Humans must first be born and exist before they are able to define their essence. He
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There are always options and different paths to take in life; it is just a matter of what one is chosen by you to take. I don’t believe that there is a universal human nature that is shared by all humans in the universe. Every person is different based upon the events that occur in their lives and no everyone can experience the same things and take away the same responsibilities. The actions people take are based off of how they choose to create meaning is what makes them the kind of person they are. Even if put in a challenging situation people still are responsible for the decisions made. If you have to choose between things you still are able to choose which makes you responsible. The person you become is not everything that has happened to you, but it is everything that has happened and how you choose to act on it.
There are many objections to Sartre’s ideas that we are completely free. The question of if our environment, our bodies, and what we are capable of is already determined then how are we completely free? What is freedom is there are already determined? Even though these things in our lives may already be determined, we are more than these things because we create who we are based off of what we make of ourselves. We find ourselves and who we are by experiences, which make us our own individual. Even though some things are already determined for us, we can do with them, as we like. We are free to make of ourselves whatever we would like, they
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