Jean Piaget Biography

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On August 9 1869, Jean Piaget was born in Neûchate, Switzerland to Rebecca Jackson and Arthur Piaget who was a professor of Medieval Literature at the University of Neûchate.Piaget was the oldest son. Piaget develops an interest in biology and the natural world. He then received a Doctorate in1918 from the University of Neûchate. Jean Piaget also undertook Post-doctoral training in Zurich in 1918 to 1919 and Paris 1919-1921. Piaget married is beautiful wife Valentine Chanatey in 1923, they have 3 children who Piaget from infancy. He was also professor of sociology, Philosophy and psychology of science at the University of Neuchate from 1925 to 1929. Piaget also accepted the post of Director of the international Bureau of Education in 1929. Piaget was awarded the Baizan for Social and Political Science in 1979, he then died in 1980 an was buried in an unmarked grave with his family in…show more content…
Jean Piaget was interested in how an organism adapt to its environment. And Individual behavior is controlled through mental organization called Schema or Schemata. As indicated by Jean Piaget, the thought of a child are build through a various number of channels, which are listening, experiencing, reading and exploring the environment and the place they grow up in. His work as been classified has constrictive and interacting. The cognitive theory by Jean Piaget is one of the most admirable additions to the Child Psychology. As Jean Piaget stated children think and reason distinctively throughout various stage in their lives. Piaget understand that everyone boy or a girl, go through invariant arrangement. This arrangement is include for stages which are isolated in the life of the person. Piaget stated that all children will go through these stages, yet the age at which they pass or enter these stages is as yet a variable. They are four cognitive stages of development and they
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