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Jean Piaget · He was famous for working out a universal sequence of stages of cognitive development · Notable for his idea that children (and adults) are continually generating theories about the external world · He set out stages for when certain new aspects of generating theories; 1. Sensorimotor stage: which occurs from birth to age two (Children experience through their senses) 2. Preoperational stage: which occurs from ages two to seven (motor skills are acquired) 3. Concrete operational stage: which occurs from ages seven to eleven (children think logically about concrete events) 4. Formal Operational…show more content…
· Towards the end of the second year, a qualitatively quite new kind of psychological functioning occurs. Concrete Operational stage · This stage is characterized by the appropriate use of logic. Important processes during this stage are: -Decentering - where the child takes into account multiple aspects of a problem to solve it -Reversibility – where the child understands that numbers or objects can be change, then returned to their original state -Conservation – understanding that quantity, length or number of items is unrelated to the arrangement or appearance of the object or items -Serialisation – the ability to arrange objects in an order according to size, shape, or any other characteristic -Classification – The ability to name and identify sets of objects according to appearance, size or other characteristic. -Delimitation of Egocentrism – The ability to view things from anothers’ perspective (even if they think incorrectly). Formal Operational stage · This stage commences at around 12 and commences into adulthood · During this stage, the young adult functions in a cognitively normal manner and therefore is able to understand such things as

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