Jean Piaget Stages Of Cognitive Development Essay

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Jean Piaget believes that children go through a series of four stages of cognitive development and that each stage shows how kids understand the world. He believes that they are like “little scientists” that explore to make seem of the world around them. Piaget states that children see the world with schemes which is when it has a structure that organizes experience, in other words put into categories such as birds, dogs and fish are all in the category of “pets” or apple, meat and eggs are in the category of “food.” As they children get older they start to add schemes based on abstract categories. Schemes are constantly changing modifying to children’s experience. Assimilation is when a new experience occurs in already existing scheme, example used in Essential of Human Development is a baby being familiar with grasping scheme.…show more content…
From there babies learn accommodation which is when scheme is modified from experience. That is when babies learn that there are objects that they can picked up with one or two hands and there are objects that can’t be lifted at all, so with that they learn to accommodate on what can be lifted and moved around and what cannot. Both assimilation and accommodation are balanced or equilibrium which children learn in different experience that are assimilated in scheme that are already existing, but in some situation need to be accommodated. There may be result in where the experience is disequilibrium and children will reorganize their schemes so that it may return to equilibrium, this a process that Paget calls equilibration. Paget has four stages of cognitive development which occurs approximately at age 2,7 and 11 years of age, which are sensorimotor, preoperational, concrete operational and formal
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