Jean Piaget : Theory Of Cognitive Development Essay

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Jean Piaget: Theory of Cognitive Development Jean Piaget, was a trained biologist who was employed at the Binet Institute, where his main job was to develop a French version of an intelligence test. Piaget was very interested in the reason why children would give wrong answers to questions which called for some type of logical thinking. It was believed by Piaget that these wrong answers showed some very drastic differences between the way children and adults both thought ( McLeod, 2015), this is where his theory of Cognitive Development came in, Piaget’s work is described as being the origins of thinking or genetic epistemology (McLeod, 2015), Genetics is where one studies the origins of something. Epistemology discusses the categories of thinking, basically, it shows the properties of structural intelligence. Piaget’s Cognitive Development theory branched off into three different branches, the first one being Schema, the Adaption Process that allow transitions from one stage to another, and finally the four Stages of Development
Piaget’s work countered the common assumption of children’s cognitive development in psychology. Before the work of Piaget everyone thought that children didn’t think as well as adults, and given from Piaget’s ideas it was found that children think in completely different ways when comparing them to adults (McLeod, 2015), genetically inherited and evolved were the two mental structure believed by Piaget that children had, these two ideas are what
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