Jean Piaget 's Cognitive Theory

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Jean Piaget’s Cognitive-Stage Development Theory
Many studies have been done on cognitive development the most used theory though is Jean Piaget’s Cognitive-Stage Development Theory. What is Cognitive Development? It is the area of study using the nervous system and psychology to look at the development of a child. Piaget’s uses four sections to explain these developments being sensorimotor, preoperational, concrete operational and formal operational. The stage sensorimotor is split up into six subcategories.
Who is Jean Piaget?
Jean Piaget was born around 1896 in Neuchatel, Switzerland as explained by Wadsworth (1991). When he turned fifteen the decision had already been made to point his goals of work towards scientific explanation of knowledge. A major portion of Piaget’s studying was in Philosophy. After doing very in-depth work in the study of biology he came to a conclusion that development was not only due to growth but also different circumstances in the environment. Convinced that the development of children could be viewed by experimentation he continued to test children for two years. Piaget decided that both Intellectual and biological events are a piece of the big whole process by which the living thing adapts to its surroundings or environment and sorts through its experiences from the events.
Why Mental Development occurs?
To best understand the reasoning behind mental development occurring is that Piaget wants the audience or reader to understand four
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