Jean Piaget 's Theory Of Psychology And Human Intelligence

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Abstract Jean Piaget was a developmental psychologist who had a heavy emphasis on children for his study. From this, he developed his Cognitive Theory which consists of three elements: schemas (building blocks of knowledge), adaptation (equilibrium, assimilation, and accommodation), and the four stages of development (sensorimotor, preoperational, concrete operational, formal operational). Through this, we are able to learn of how children develop from adolescence to adulthood. Jean Piaget Jean Piaget’s Biography Jean Piaget, born on August 9, 1896, was an influential experimenter and theorist. His main interests were in the studies of developmental psychology and human intelligence. Although Piaget exhibited his interests in those fields, his father however, had a different mindset. His father committed himself to his own writings of medieval literature and the history of Neuchatel, and he was more interested in history in general. In the other hand, his mother was very intelligible but had a mental health problem, which was neurotic temperament, or the disposition to be emotionally distressed and come to unconscious conflict. From this, it made Piaget’s family a bit of a burden to be because of this issue that his mother had. Though, Piaget inspirations for his interests in the psychology field was due to his mother’s illness (neurotic temperament), and this influenced him to engage in the works of a psychoanalysis and pathological psychology, which consists of

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