Jean Piagets Theory on Child Dvevelopment

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jean piagets theory on child developement

Jean Paiget (1896-1980) was biologist who was originally studied molluscs.
He was born in Neuchâtel, Switzerland he passed away September 16th 1980.

Jean Piaget’s theory as 4 developmental stages these are,

* The Sensorimotor Stage (birth-2 years)
* The Preoperational Stage (2-7 years)
* The Concrete Operational (7-11 years)
* The Formal Operational Stage (11 years plus)

All of these 4 developmental stages have sub-stages for each age range.

Sensorimotor Sub-stages
Simple reflexes - (birth-1 month old)
At this time the infant uses natural reflexes that they were born with such as, sucking and rooting. In which they understand the environment purely on these actions.
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Operation this is the ability to do things in your head such as, 8x8=64 young children will use their fingers to do the working out as where adults will do the working out in there head to come up with the answer.
Schema helps us make sense of information such as, saying all sales men are pushy and because of this knowledge we react around this to fit the situation presented in front of us.
Stage, this is where children are able to understand more at one stage of their life than another such as,
A toddler can walk and talk where a baby can not. That’s because a baby is not at that developmental stage yet.

Jean Piagets theory’s are model base for schools today teachers are encouraged to not push the child to far beyond their abilities but yet to give them the experience to see, learn in a safe environment where they are able to make mistakes and learn from them. This is called ‘learning through experience’
The curriculum came up with ages in stages in child development off of Jean Piaget’s theories.
They use this to predict what a child can or can not do on the base of their age and level of understanding. www.learning Jean piaget wikipedia Jean piaget
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