Jean Trudeau 's Influence On The Leadership Of The Federal Liberal Party

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Trudeaumenia Trudeaumania was a word used to describe the excitement and celebrity that surrounded Pierre Trudeau as he ran for the leadership of the federal Liberal Party in 1968 and subsequently became prime minister. Trudeaumania was fueled by Pierre’s charisma and by the youthful exuberance of his supporters. This term “Trudeaumania” is also a common theme increasingly used to characterize and describe his son Justin today, especially after he won his party leadership in April 2013. The Globe and Mail, National post, and Postmedia articles in 2012 made it clear that Justin Trudeau should not succumb to delusionary fantasies to run as party leader because elders in the liberal party and a few media organizations were urging him to run. They framed Justin Trudeau run for his party’s leadership as basically the media projecting their fantasy on Justin assuming this was 1968 when his father ran. The story line of some supportive media was that “Justin had the flair and chutzpah that reminds them of his papa” In the middle of 2012-2013, there were articles with central themes such as “the second coming of Trudeaumenia” referring to Justin, where they were vociferous and touting his celebrity status, eloquence and a famous name that can possibly not hurt his chances. Author Ron Graham, noted that Justin Trudeau was an interesting young man with a glamorous name, no baggage. But if there 's to be any Trudeaumania, it would have to build from scratch After he took the helm of

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