Jean Watson Caring Theory and Assessment Tools Essay

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Assessment Tools Analysis Doreen M. Giglio University of Phoenix NURS/440 Professor Carol Dallred Jean Watson’s theory of human caring focused on establishing a caring relationship with patients. She believed in treating them as holistic (mind, body and spirit) being (Watson, 1979). To further secure our understanding and relationship with our patients we can use our assessment tool analysis to better know them. Daily Hassles Scale, dysfunctional attitude scale and social support are the assessments that I have chosen to look deeper at the depressed population and community function. These tools should take me deeper on how this population might have gotten to where they are and why they are a vulnerable population.…show more content…
Being negative on one detail instead of seeing the big picture and making the situation escalade. They label self and others negatively and ignoring the evidence that supports the real conclusion. In short their feelings or attitude through life is already preconceived in their mind. This leads to their dysfunctional attitudes. If this can be identified then again we can concentrate on fixing this dysfunction. Jean Watson identified 10 carative factors in her 1988 theory of transpersonal caring. In her book Nursing: Human Science and Human Care (1988), she describes the carative factors as providing a structured, standardized approach to the caring aspects of nursing. As an example, sensitivity for self and others is the one carative factor listed in her book (Watson, 1988). The carative objective pertaining to the factor is to identify feelings of comfort with self and others. For counseling purposes, a focused question derived from the objective might be, “Can you tell me about your present family situation and network?” (Watson, 2006). Statistically the Dysfunctional Attitude Scale significantly discriminates between clinically depressed, non-depressed psychiatric patients and healthy controls. The Dysfunctional Attitude Scale possesses satisfactory psychometric properties suggesting that this instrument is appropriate for use as a cognitive measure in

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