Jean Watson Contribution to Nursing Issues

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Jean Watson is a nurse theorist who has impacted the modern nursing in a great way. Her publication, research, and books have helped to bring the profession of nursing to the forefront. This paper is aimed at looking who Jean Watson is, her contribution to the nursing field and the impact of her work in the modern nursing.
Dr. Jean Watson is known as a professor, nurse, theorist and a founder director of Watson Caring Science Institute, which is a non- profit organization. She was awarded the American Academy of Nursing award termed as a Living Legend in the year 2013 (Jug, D, 2015). Jean is known because of her Theory of Human Caring and ten Caritas processes which act as a blueprint for the nursing practice.
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In the year 2010, she launched the “Million Nurse Global Care Field Project” with the objective of connecting nurses globally to create a field of worldwide energetic, caring consciousness for global healing and health for everyone (Watson, 2008). Her leadership abilities and capabilities to employ holistic programs are very vital to the promotion of healing and caring (the two key platforms of AHNA).
The Theory of Human Caring
The contemporary profession of nursing seems to respond to the different demands of the machinery with less concern given to the person attached to the machine. According to Watson, the disease might be cured, but the illness would remain since without applying caring, the health of a person is not maintained. The core of nursing is caring and connotes responsiveness between the patient and the nurse. The nurse and the patient work together. Watson believes that caring for a person can help them to become knowledgeable, gain control and promote their health (Masters, 2014).
Major concepts
Society /environment determine the behavior of a person and the goals he sets to achieve. According to Watson, caring attitude is not transmitted from one generation to another rather it is transmitted by the traditions of the profession as a distinctive way of coping with its environment (Mason et al.,

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