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Jean Watsons: Daily goals for Intensive Care Unit Ventilated patients Brea Blais Southern New Hampshire University Advanced Nursing Concepts Dr. Bladen May 13, 2015 Jean Watsons: Daily goals for ICU Ventilated patients An estimated 85% of errors occur in care when communication is not clear (Pronovost et al., 2003). When Nurses or doctors do not know how to properly care for their patients, then these patients cannot recover in an appropriate time frame (Pronovost et al., 2003). “At baseline less then ten percent of nurses and residents understand the goals of care for the day”(Pronovost et al., 2003, para. 2). After the implementation of a daily goals worksheet 95% of nurses and residents understood the goals of care for the…show more content…
Linkage Between the Tool and Theory Jean Watson’s Caring theory has been used in the development of many nursing conceptual models (Fawcett & DeSanto Madeya 2013). One of the tools derived from this theory is the daily goals sheet used in a variety of ICU’s around the country (Fawcett & DeSanto Madeya 2013). The daily goals sheet was derived as a way to improve patient care by keeping the patient safe, provide reliable care, improve communication between doctors and nurses, and help the nurse plan for the day (Rehder, Uhl, & Mistry, 2012). According to Fawcett and DeSanto Maydeya (2013), the goal of Watson’s theory is to help nurses become more “nursing-qua-medicine,” where nursing “needs to emerge as mature health profession, capable of interfacing with the medical profession” (2013 p. 405-406). An interdisciplinary care team was used to implement a time with no interruptions between providers. This time was used to discuss the care of the patient, include families, and ensure that all members agree of the care to be provided (Rehder, Uhl, & Mistry 2012). By having the nurses be a part of this team, they are able to interact and be a member of the team, which is the goal of Watson’s caring theory (Rehder, Uhl, &Mistry 2012). If there is teamwork, and all the members of the team understand the goals, then the daily goals can help decrease length of stay (LOS) in ICU’s, decrease hospital acquired infections

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