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Applying Watson’s Theory to Mind-Body-Spirit Dimensions Jean Watson’s theory of human caring is one that elevates nursing from being merely a clinical experience to becoming an intersection with the patient that affects the patient deeply in all three dimensions—the mind, body, and spirit. In order to achieve this three-pronged impact, the nurse must create caring-healing moments with the patient. As Watson (2006, p. 51) points out, “The whole caring-healing consciousness is contained within a single caring moment…Caring consciousness transcends time, space, and physicality—that is, caring goes beyond the given moment, and situation, and informs the future experiences of practitioner and patient.” Watson (2006, p. 51)…show more content…
The HSUP is marketed as “an alternative to the traditional life events approach to measuring stressors,” and it provides a novel perspective on stress (Lazarus & Folkman, n.d.). The HSUP is comprised of three scales—the 117-item Hassles Scale, the 135-item Uplifts Scale, and the 53-item Combined Hassles and Uplifts Scale; this is a total of 305 items, although the authors state that each scale requires only 10 minutes to take (Lazarus & Folkman, n.d.). Even a scale that requires only 30 minutes to take could be considerably taxing for the elderly and infirm, which must be considered when administering it to the Medicaid population. Lazarus and Folkman (n.d.) describe the HSUP as “a comfortable way to evaluate positive and negative events that occur in each person’s daily life” and add that administration of the HSUP is followed by client empowerment to address the hassles in their daily lives by developing strategies for dealing with them. The manual includes normative data on 448 adults and 432 college students, and data for the Combined Scale is reported for a sample of adults and elderly people aged 65 to 74 (Lazarus & Folkman, n.d.). The cost for 50 individuals to take the HSUP online is $120.00, while the cost for the license to reproduce and administer it oneself is $100.00; bulk pricing is available (Lazarus & Folkman, n.d.). The manual is $40.00 (Lazarus &

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