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Watson's Theory of Caring Alice Bennett NUR 403 June 28th 2011 Vicki Grosdidier, MSN Watson's Theory of Caring In this paper I will describe Jean Watson’s background of her theory, and provide concepts of her theory. In addition, I will relate her theory to person, health, nursing, and environment of the caring moment and provide a transpersonal relationship and relate the factors within my experience. Background and concepts of Watson’s Theory Dr. Jean Watson was born in West Virginia and moved to Boulder, Colorado in 1962. She earned a bachelor of science in nursing and psychology while attending the University of Colorado. Jean continued her education and received her master’s degree…show more content…
The nurse informed me that after triage the patient was sent to her medical floor and appeared to be unhappy on arrival, yelling some obscenities at her. The charge nurse stated that after the patient had been there for four hours she became tachycardic and is the reason the patient needed to be transferred to a telemetry floor. I used every opportunity during my brief report to bring an intentional caring presence into the conversation. I accepted the assignment and as the previous nurse wheeled the patient onto our floor I could see the patient was very upset by the look on her face. I could empathize with what my patient was experiencing in that moment and how frustrated she must be with her current situation. By incorporating Watson’s carative factors I could potentiate my attentiveness, listening, comforting, patience during my interaction with my patient. Before I entered my patient’s room I had to use Watson’s first carative factor, the formation of humanistic-altruistic system of values, to practice loving-kindness and equanimity with the context of the caring consciousness. I had to be aware of my own emotions going into the room so my judgment of the patient was not clouded by the information I had already received from the charge nurse. I had to create the ideal environment in which the caring moment was to take place by being aware of my own intentions, body language,

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