Jean Watson Research Paper

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Nursing theories began more than a century ago with Florence Nightingale and began to flourish around the 1800’s, when education became the central focus of nursing (Current Nursing, 2012). Although several definitions and variations of theories exist, generally speaking nursing theories guide nurses in their daily practice and serve as evidence based foundations for clinical decisions and outcomes (Petiprin, 2016). Additionally, theories aim to improve quality of care for our patients and enhance nursing as a profession by inviting application of critical thinking and reasoning towards patient care (Current Nursing, 2012). Caring Science, as a theory has been quietly evolving for years (Rosa, Estes, & Watson, 2016). Dr. Jean Watson…show more content…
She was a Distinguished Professor and Dean Emerita, University of Colorado Denver College of Nursing Anschutz Medical Center campus where she received and held the nation’s first Chair in Caring Science for 16 years (Watson’s Caring Science Institute, 2017). Dr. Watson founded the original Center for Human Caring in Colorado and was a fellow of the American Academy of Nursing (Watson’s Caring Science Institute, 2017). She was President of the National League for Nursing and a founding member of International Association in Human Caring and International Caritas Consortium as well as the Founder and Director of non-profit foundation, (Watson’s Caring Science Institute, 2017). Dr. Watson developed the Theory of Caring in 1979 with the latest revision occurring in 2008 (Watson’s Caring Science Institute, 2017). Finally, Dr. Watson taught for many years at the University Health Science Center in Denver, Colorado and has written and contributed to several books and peer-reviewed scholarly articles (Watson, 2008). She retired in 2013, but still speaks publically from time to time. She has several Youtube videos available for viewing. Theoretical Focus Dr. Watson’s theory, also known as the theory of transpersonal caring, holistically encompasses
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