Jean Watson Theory

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Nursing theory is assumed as the body of information, which is used to assist the nursing practice. Nursing models are created with theories and perceptions. They are used to assist nurses assess, plan and implement patient care by delivering an outline within which to work. Nursing models also assist the nurses to accomplish consistency and unified care. This presentation shall examine the importance of Dr. Jean Watson’s theory of caring in today’s nursing practice, its relation to metaparagidm concepts and how the theory help us to improve the current nursing practices. Watson delivers many valuable impressions for nursing practice. •Watson ties different theories together which are frequently being used in clinical nursing practice.…show more content…
Watson’s definition on health is not just simple absence of disease, she state health as a subjective experience. It corresponds to the persons harmony, or balance within the mind, body, spirit related to the degree of congruence between the self as perceived. Watson theory also applied in the definition of health by World Health Organization as * “A high level of overall physical, mental and social functioning * A general adaptive maintenance level of daily functioning. * The absence of illness or the presence of efforts that leads to absence”. (http://nursing 2010) * A patient’s world can become brighter or darker, secure or threatening through nurses attitude. Watson accepts Nightingale’s concept of environment and states the healing environment expands the persons awareness and consciousness, thus promoting mind-body-spirit wholeness and healing (1999,p.254.) This reminds us to keep the patient’s room tidy and comfortable, and provide spiritual support necessary for total healing. * Watson divides environment into internal and external variables, which nurse could manipulate in favor of healing. Both variables are interdependent. Providing privacy, comfort and safety measures are part of this concept. Thus the provision of protective, supportive and corrective mental, physical, socio-cultural and spiritual environment leads to a holistic healing.

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