Jean Watson 's Caring Science And Human Caring

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The researcher will be discussing Jean Watson’s Caring Science and Human Caring Theories. Her theories of Caring Science and Human Caring are active in today’s way of nursing. The Transpersonal Caring Relationship occurs during the “caring event”, which was essential to Watson’s main view of nursing. “Caring is viewed as the moral ideal of nursing where there is utmost concern for human dignity and preservation of humanity” (Watson 1999). Jean Watson’s Caring Science and Human Caring Theory Jean Watson, PhD, RN, AHN-BC, FAAN is an American nurse theorist and a nursing professor who is known for her Theory of Human Caring. She was born in 1940 in West Virginia. Jean graduated from the University of Colorado Boulder. She is the founder of…show more content…
The philosophy of caring and science examines the relatedness of Human Science, The Human Caring Process, Experiences, and Phenomena. “It is when we include caring and love in our work and our life that we discover that nursing, like teaching, is more than just a job; it is also a life-giving and life-receiving career for a lifetime of growth and learning” (Parker, 2001). Watson’s Caring Science and Human Caring Theory blend the sciences and humanities of everyday life to one another. According to Watson, “There are three main conceptual elements comprising my theory; the Carative Factors and Caritas Process, the development and utilization of the transpersonal caring relationship, and the caring occasion or caring event” (Watson 2001). Jean Watson proposed her Carative factors as meaningful suggestions and her goal was to guide the “core” of nursing, they were interdependent, and used to “honor the human dimensions of nursing’s work and the inner life world and subjective experiences of the people we serve” (Watson 1997). Her original Carative factors formed a “humanistic-altruistic system of values, instilled faith and hope within her patients, was sensitive to herself and others, made a point to develop trust and a caring relationship with not only her patients but their families too, and considered the feelings and expression (whether they were
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