Jean Watson 's Theory Of Care

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THEORY OF CARE 2 Abstract The purpose of this paper is to examine how the theory of Jean Watson improves overall health and experience in the postoperative patient. The choice and rationale why this topic was selected is because of so many patients’ experience with their hospital stay after surgery. The steps that were taken to search for evidence based research articles such as: database searched, key terms searched, limits and filters, and information relevant to topic. There were four research articles that were chosen, reviewed and summarized in support of evidence of the Jean Watson theory and outcomes of clinical application. Each article will be reviewed and summarized with the purpose statement of the article, sample size, research design, and findings pertaining to the purpose statement. A review of the overall position and rationale regarding the quality, and state of the evidence pertaining to how Jean Watson’s theory can be applied to the preoperative patient. From the articles chosen, the knowledge and evidence that has been found can be implemented into clinic practice with measureable outcomes. A review of what has been learned about Jean Watson’s theory and how it can be applied to the clinical practice. THEORY OF CARE 3 Importance of Clinical Question & Research to Support Question Jean Watson’s theory of Caring is something I find very important as a nurse that cares for the sick on a daily basis. When people come to the
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