Jean Watson's Caring Theory

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Jean Watson's Caring Theory Jeanne Watson recommends a turning back to the remembrance of our original desire for wishing to become a nurse. According to her, duties of nursing have turned us from motivation (or "body") into machine. Similar to the AACN's dislike of the customer model of patient, Watson recommends a human approach that comes about through perceiving nursing as acting in the moment. Using ten 'Curative Factors' or 'Caritas Processes', Watson describes how we can transform the 'machine' that we have become back into our original 'body' In Watson's own words: "Nursing can expand its existing role, continuing to make contributions to health care within the modern model by developing its foundational caring-healing and health strengths that have always been present on the margin." (Watson, 1999, p. 45). For Watson, the three major elements are: (a) the carative factor, (b) the transpersonal caring relationship and (c) the caring moment. (a)The carative factor extends to all individuals and entails creating a healing environment, going into one self and fostering a spiritual, open, and tolerant, as well as caring manner. Constantly seeking to improve oneself, and assisting others with basic needs (b) The transpersonal caring factor This extends patient, and all associated with patient. The dignity of the human is recognized and the nurse related to the other in the symbiosis of that perspective. The nurse goes beyond her ego. There is a special kind of

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