Jean Watson’s Caring Theory

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Jean Watson’s Caring Theory Nurses’ responsibilities to their patients are continually changing with the times. Jean Watson formed the “caring theory” to convey the significance and emphasize nursing as a diverse health profession. Using the Jean Watson’s caring theory enables nurses to maintain their perspective on caring for patients when overwhelmed with increased acuity, responsibility and workload. With the increase of patients and their needs, nurses often replace the caring attitude with an attitude of arrogance and hurried tasks, leaving patients and family members with belief that nurses believe they are here just to perform a job. By applying the Watson caring theory in caring for patients, “it allows nurses to practice the…show more content…
Watsons’ caring theory asserts that further inquiry in to the development of the philosophical and ethical dynamics of human caring between nurse and patient will promote healing practices. The foundation of caring science embraces the humanistic side of science; it encompasses the metaphysical ways of knowing that are grounded in spiritual connections between patient and nurse (Bailey, 2009).There is a shifting paradigm whereby the phenomenon of caring and concern lead to other ways of incorporating knowledge. Together the diverse forms of knowledge can merge and promote caring-healing practices. Caring knowledge should transcend into caring practice. That is to say, caring science integrates all aspects of the human caring theory to promote humanistic-valued nursing care. Caring is the primary factor that connects any relationship, caring relationships creates a caring environment that supports spiritual growth. Nurse-patient relationships that are based on Carative factors promote human dignity, spiritual growth and integrity of the whole person (Cara, 2003). Major Concepts of the Theory Nursing theory is based on medical knowledge and theory combined. Watson’s theory adds interpersonal practices and caring integrate with human needs to create effective health and wellness in a person’s response to care. Jean Watson’s theory has four major concepts. A caring relationship is established with patients to

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