Jeanette Krebs Is The Managing Editor Of Bravo Group

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Jeanette Krebs is the Managing Editor of Bravo Group, a company which focuses on advocating public campaigns and then communicating them memorably to the public. Krebs has achieved many accomplishments throughout her life, which have landed her at this challenging, yet remarkable company. Bravo Group focuses imperative matters and works together as a team to build public support of significant topics. Jeanette has combined her expertise in journalism to develop an astonishing career which has helped her achieve a significant amount in her lifetime.
Bravo Group, created in 1999, focuses on a campaign-style approach to advocacy and public relations. This company understands the importance of tight timelines in the toughest of public circumstances such as high-stakes contract negotiations, challenging crisis communications situations, and intractable public affairs issues. Bravo Group’s difference lies in their integrated campaign-style approach, where their professionals on the ground have access to a full range of tactics to match smart strategies with the experience necessary to win (“Win tough fights,” 2015).
Bravo Group competes on different levels against other PR firms and government relations firms, and has 44 staff members. This company has won a lot of business based on its reputation and the work that is being done in various sectors, such as energy-Marcellus Shale in particular. Krebs stated that Bravo Group has a flat hierarchy, while there is a leadership team,

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