Jeanne Louise Dumont Farrenc.

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Jeanne-Louise Dumont Farrenc; born May 31st, 1804 in Paris, was a virtuosa pianist, teacher, and French composer who started out during the early romantic era but remained unknown to the world. She comes from a very large dynasty of famous sculptors; such as her brother, Augustin–Alexandre Dumont, her father, Jacques–Edme Dumont, her grandfather, Edme Dumont, her great–grandfather, François Dumont, and her great–great–grandfather, Pierre Dumont. She began her piano studies at an early age along with Cecile Soria, who was a former student of Muzio Clementi. When her abilities in the world of professional pianists became quite clear, she was given the chance to learn from several masters, such as Ignaz Moscheles and Johann Nepomuk Hummel. In 1819, at 15 years of age, she managed to study with Anton Reicha, the composition teacher at the Conservatoire; due to the talents she showed as a composer. Although, during this time, composition classes were open only to men; and not women. Louise Farrenc; just like many others, managed to fall through the cracks because throughout the 19th–century, the opinion of the French musical was dominated solely by opera; which meant French composers were not able to obtain any sort of reputation, whether good or bad, without first achieving a fairly reasonable amount of success in the opera. However, “[any] composer…bold enough to venture out into the field of instrumental music had [but to organize the concert, as well as invite

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