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Jeannette Pickering Rankin
Jeannette Pickering Rankin was born on June 11th, 1880 on a ranch in Montana to a school teacher mother and a rancher father and was the eldest of 11 children (“Jeannette Rankin”). Rankin moved to Missoula, Montana as a toddler where she began to attend school. In her childhood, a normal day would consist of assisting her parents in daily chores and outdoor works with her father (“Jeannette Rankin Biography”). When growing up, Rankins parents always encouraged her to think beyond the narrow opportunities women were permitted in the 20th century(
In 1902, she graduated from Montana State University (now the University of Montana) with a bachelor of science degree in biology and followed her mother's footsteps and briefly worked as a teacher.( Rankin later attended the New York School of Philanthropy (now the Columbia University School of Social Work) to become a social worker ( RANKIN, Jeannette). After graduating from New York she moved to Spokane, Washington to work for a children’s home. Spokane is where she became more involved in the Women's Suffrage Movement and later in 1910 gave up her social working career to focus more on women voting rights ( “Jeannette Rankin Foundation”) . She also entered the University of Washington in Seattle and became a professional lobbyist for the National American Suffrage Association (NAWSA) ( RANKIN, Jeannette). Her Speaking and organizing efforts for the movement
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